In the end, all of our efforts are designed to facilitate missions engagement.  We develop leaders and plant churches to push back the spiritual darkness and bring the life, hope and healing found only through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Listed below are some specific steps we are taking together to participate in God’s world redeeming mission.

MISSIONAL MAPPING – this project researched the various international people groups living here in Northeast Florida and resulted in the book “JAXnicity”.  Currently we are negotiating having this resource printed, however, you can go ahead download the a digital copy here  [with a password which can be obtain by contacting the JBA office].  This resource will identify each international people group found here in our city and provide churches with helpful information about how to serve and share the gospel with each group.

CABARET CHILDREN’S HOME – The Cabaret Baptist Children’s Home was launched in 1998 in Haiti as a ministry of the Jacksonville Baptist Association.  Currently there are 49 children living at our orphanage and over 450 students attending our school.  2 Haitian led churches have launched as a result of our ministry.  CBCH is a great resource for churches to connect to the globe and truly live out scripture.  If you want more informations concerning the orphanage visit  Short term mission trips are available year around if you would like to serve along side of us.  Ryan Rouse is our Executive Director and can answer any questions you might have.

JACKSONVILLE PORT MINISTRIES – Each day large cargo ships visit our city and give us the opportunity to interact with seafarers from around the world.  Our JBA Port Missions provides food, personal items, Bibles and services to these guests.  By doing so, we touch the world with the good news

APARTMENT MISSION – As part of the JBA’s Engage Jax initiative, we provide training to equip our churches to enter multi-housing communities, identify the needs of the residents,  then plan activities to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  Consultation is available to existing multi-housing missions along  with peer learning and fellowship for volunteers.